The Playoffs Are a Funny Thing


Bengie Molina since joining the Rangers: .599 OPS with 2 home runs and 19 RBI in 195 plate appearances.

Against David Price, possible AL Cy Young winner: 2-2 with a home run and 2 RBI out of the nine hole in the Rangers lineup.

After Molina’s home run, Vlad Guerrero hit an RBI double to drive Josh Hamilton in to make it a 5-0 Rangers lead as they begin pulling away with game one.

David Price on Twitter


Rays pitcher David Price had this to say on Twitter this week:

Naturally, this resulted in a back-and-forth, online battle with Rays fans, as some people felt his comment showed an insensitivity to those not making $1 million a year, like Price, and their inability to afford Rays tickets even if they wanted to attend.

Price might have been saying he was embarrassed for his teammates to play such terrific baseball and be successful in front of so few fans every night… which is probably true.  Or, it could have meant he was embarrassed to lose, whether in front of 1 or 10,000 people.  Or, it could have been shot at the team’s Owners for setting ticket prices as they are, and not at all directed at fans… or, it was a shot at his fans.

People are always asking me what they should do online to be successful.  I think it’s equally important to be aware of what not to do.  And, assuming you are trying to engage, and not just shoot your mouth off for the sake of shooting your mouth off, you should never make blanket statements unless you are prepared for the consequence… you have to think it through… especially if the statement is vague.

Price was clearly disappointed in that night’s attendance.  Instead of making an emotionally-charged negative tweet, in what have been pretty good times for his team, he should have taken a more positive approach, saying something like: “Thank you to the 10,000 fans who came to support us. The more fans, the louder it is, the better the home field advantage. Keep coming!”

The professional athlete needs to remember we want him or her to succeed, we want to like them, don’t ever give us additional reasons not to… that helps no one.

Personally, I appreciate Price’s honesty. I’m not even sure he’s directing this at fans, if the tickets are too expensive, then the team needs to figure out a better way to fill the park, and Price could be venting at ownership instead.

Either way, I’ll take Price’s transparency over the lame PR-speak from the Derek Jeters of the world any day of the week.