In honor of Scottie Pippen making the Hall of Fame, I present to you the greatest facial of all time.

This dunk is a 9.9/10 in terms of nasty. I’ve seen a handful of nastier dunks in my lifetime, but never any that came in such a significant rivalry (90’s Bulls & Knicks) and in such an important game (Game 6 of the playoffs). With all things considered this is in my top two dunks of all time, right next to this gem

Congrats, Pip! You deserve the honor!


This is finally long ago enough where I can simply watch in awe of Pippen, instead of go into a fit of rage. I’m a recovering early 90s Knicks fan, we still have post traumatic stress disorder from Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan.



Scottie Pippen absolutely smothered an offense. The greatest help defender in the game, and he played alongside the best defensive guard in league history.

In tandem, the Bulls would crushed opponents… with defense. As Steve Kerr relayed on The B.S. Report, Jeff Van Gundy agrees:

“When we played you guys we didn’t care about the triangle offense,” Van Gundy tells Kerr. “Our biggest concern was just trying to score.”

Pippen’s defense was never more needed than in ‘98 during the Eastern Conference Finals against the Indiana Pacers. For my money, the most excruciating playoff test the championship Bulls ever faced. An aging team taken to 7 games for only the second time in their storied run (the other being in ‘92 against the Knicks).

A big key in the Bulls ultimate prevail was switching the 6’7 Pippen onto point guard Mark Jackson. It completely stalled Indiana’s precision half court offense, not unlike 6 years prior when Pippen “held” Magic Johnson to 14 and 10, in Game 2 of the Finals.

The Bulls don’t win this series without Pippen; Batman loses without “sidekick” Robin.

(start watching at minute 6:23 for proof)