The Best of the Costacos Bros Baseball Posters


After Sports Illustrated’s amazing retrospective on early 90s posters reminded me of the many that used to hang in my childhood bedroom, I had to go to eBay to see what else was out there. Turns out, plenty of others enjoy a good pun and bizarre, dated photo just as much as I do. Oddly enough, there is no Wikipedia entry for the Costacos Brothers, who essentially corned the market, or database that keeps track of all the work they produced.

Armed with this knowledge, I dug deep into the internet to find the best baseball posters the amazing Costacos Brothers ever created. In case you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, I have left the eBay link along with the images below:

The Wrecking Ball.

This poster almost exactly mirrors the Kirby Puckett-inspired pornography that was traded around on VHS in the Minnesota area in the early 90s.


Just look at that energetic pose. How could any camera actually catch a man in the middle of such athletic fury?

Gator Country.

I’m not sure what the best part of this is—is it the clearly fake alligator? The cut off sleeves? The thin, sweaty mustache? Or just how little Mike Greenwell wants to be a part of it?

Border Patrol.

This one was really popular with anti-immigration kids.

Brady Punch.

Is a Brady punch like a donkey punch that disappoints both parties?

The Amazin’ Met.

Such an Amazing Met, Bonilla still collects paychecks from them.

…And Justice For All.

I’m surprised that NBC hasn’t ordered this as a TV pilot with a baseball player turned expert litigator for the little guys.

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